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Equatorial Guinea Bat Cave

Equatorial Guinea Bat Cave

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This photo actually breaks my heart a little bit. So I spent a week sleeping on the beach of a jungle in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. There were a group of scientists studying turtle nests and I was invited to come out and document some of their work. This cave was on the 3-hour hike into the camp and if you arrived at it at low tide then you could get inside the cave and walk around. There was still about 8 inches of water flowing through it but you could see bats in the cave. It was amazing for the 20 seconds I was in it before a wave hit the back of my legs and pushed me out of the cave into the ocean. The best part is I had about $10,000 of equipment with me. As I was falling into the water I lifted my tripod with camera and lens above my head. Now underwater and camera above my head I remember thinking "I need to breathe, but I need to save my equipment." That was my last thought before I let the camera fall into the water and I proceeded to swim to the shore. This was one of the last photos this camera ever took. 

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